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Flex Slab formwork system

BASIC INFO Application

散支散拆木梁模板_副本       This system is ideal for use with different slab thicknesses,as only the statically necessary parts are used.Loose plywood plates, supported by H20 girders,(cross girders) serve as decking. The same H20 girders are used as main girders to support the cross girders. The same parts can be used in both directions.捕获_副本1


The flexibility of the system,i.e. its ability to adapt to various different room sizes,comes from the overlapping of the H20 girders.It is of no significance whether the girders are used as main girders or cross girders. Overlapping in any dimension is possible in either direction.Similarly the main girders and cross girders can be turned in the statically required direction for slanting T-walls,wall abutments,bays,circular structures,etc.

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