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Planing & On site support

ZOLO construction engineers and formwork designers, representatives and supervisors accompany your project personally and as a team. Our joint aim is to make the concrete works project a success for your company. This includes state-of-the-art CAD, detailed formwork plans and conclusive inventory lists as well as hands-on support on your building sites.

Formwork and Structural Engineering

  • Outlining formwork options and solutions in the early quotation phase
  • Cost and quantity surveying for formwork equipment for concrete works
  • Detailed technical solutions and work flow designs as a basis for your tender
  • Technical planning of your quotation with pour cycles, inventory flow, tie-hole and joint pattern designs and solutions for architectural or exposed concrete specifications
  • Expert know-how on architectural projects, including recommendations for handling release agent
  • Know how on fresh concrete pressure and pour speed
  • Assembly planning
  • Formwork plans in in 2D or 3D
  • Structural calculation

On-Site Support

We have earned a reputation for outstanding on-site support, accompanying your concrete pours and helping you with in-depth know how:

  • On-site support throughout the construction project
  • Training and instruction of your teams
  • Support in technical formwork and work flow questions
  • Assembly support
  • Supervision
  • Support for concrete pours through engineers and supervisors
  • Assembly and site preparation

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