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Consult with us on your best options of formwork purchase

  • Which equipment is the most suitable for your concrete business?
  • Which system best meets your forming needs?
  • What equipment do you need to complete your inventory?

Discuss your concrete contracting business with us. We look forward to your business and endeavour to support you well beyond the purchase contract alone.

Formwork Purchase

Your aim is to provide your customers with high-quality concrete contracting? Then you are with the right formwork manufacturer. Our range of systems is so comprehensive that it will cover all your requirements. A range of purchasing options plus the support for your concrete pours assures you of the best package:

  • formwork packages put together to answer to your needs as closely as possible
  • top offers including all accessories
  • exchanging old for new formwork
  • buy-back options

Add-on Formwork Rental and Technical Services

As a ZOLO client, you have full access to all our technical and design capacities to support your work. Should your own inventory not be sufficient, you are welcome to rent additional material to cover your project needs.

You also benefit from out technical services that help to keep your formwork inventory in perfect shape during operations. So, for instance, we offer you a regular check-up on your inventory to ensure its safe functioning. This ensures you comply with all legal and safety requirements.  In addition, we will sort out damaged parts and offer to replace or repair them for you. This ensures you are always ready for a high-quality, profitable concrete job.

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