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We support your construction project with a comprehensive formwork rental fleet from 3 logistics centers in East south Asia,Middle east and North Africa. We provide tailor-made solutions for your requirements with specific rental programmes, sales offers, buy-back options and service rates that meet your needs.

Rental Rates:

The principle guiding our rental policy is simple: Supplying the most suitable formwork configuration at a fair rate and easy to understand cost structure and in high quality. We do so to enable you to satisfy your client demands. And we do so to make your site more efficient and cost-effective. Your concrete success is our focus, avoiding unnecessary effort, lowering overall costs and increasing the level of quality. We aim with you to keep rental times as short as possible and reduce labour. Saving time, saving money is the bottom line.

ZOLORental is the unique, all-in flat rate that makes costs after the end of a rental project completely redundant. It is calculated as a low-cost rate on the monthly or total rental inventory and covers costs for cleaning and repairs (except total damage and loss). And it puts a complete end to re-facing costs that usually make formwork rental so expensive. Why? Because the all-plastic facing can be repaired. Even serious damages such as holes for extra ties can be sealed – at no extra cost.

Your benefits: you save time on site, need to space to sort out, clean and prepare formwork returns. That avoids down-times in work flow and enables you to calculate rental costs without the final invoice that normally causes annoyance. Most importantly, rental times and costs are shortened.

This is how you benefit

  • shorter rental times and lower rental costs, because you return the formwork directly after the last pour
  • less labour, time and space needed on site
  • no down-times in work flow
  • no subsequent costs, safe costing from the start
  • no administrative effort at the end of the project
  • the site can concentrate on its actual building progress

Cleaning Flat:

This rental flat covers all costs for cleaning the formwork inventory after it is returned. It is calculated as a one-off payment (% on the total rented inventory). Repairs are not included.

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